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Fisker EMotion revealed at CES 2018

CES 2018 saw numerous new electric vehicles, among which Henrik Fisker’s EMotion electric luxury car. Fisker introduced the $129,000 luxury vehicle as a comeback product of the new company Fisker Inc., having previously announced a new model release in October 2017.

The company was founded by the former BMW Z8 and Aston Martin DB89 designer. Fisker’s previous attempt to produce electric cars dates back to 2011, when the Karma concept managed to sell only 1,800 cars in North America and Europe.

Luxurious sports car

Fisker plans to go after Tesla and other luxury car makers, by producing a sports car with lavish design, semi-autonomous driving and a range of 400 miles per one charge. According to Fisker, the car “is a new take on the future of a luxury sedan” with features like extended driving range that “will make even people sitting on the fence look at it”.

Fisker will try to enter a market where Tesla has already established a first mover advantage, while other start ups are rapidly developing new modes of smart electric cars.

EMotion’s design and special features will make the car stand out among its competitors. Built as a four-seater, with a low slung hood and tapered back end, the electric vehicle will not have a bulky engine at the front, making elements such as a grille unnecessary. The car will have an interesting new motif containing the LIDAR sensors instead of a faux grille. The front end will also be shorter due to the lack of a powertrain. Two cameras will be installed in the side mirrors, enabling a panoramic, 360-degree view.

EMotion will use five LIDAR sensors, produced by Fisker’s Californian partner Quenergy. Placed behind a tinted screen, the sensors will be integrated into the body, making the LIDAR system the only without moving parts.

The luxurious electric vehicle, resembling a Lamborghini, will have unique butterfly-wings in the back, serving as doors. These aesthetic doors will contribute to the allure of the vehicle, while providing easier access into the cabin in cramped spaces.

The company is developing battery technology that will improve the range and speed of charging time, eventually creating a charging system that will power 125 miles in nine minutes. A solid state battery that will achieve a full charge in one minute will be additionally designed. EMotion will be very fast, reaching a top speed of 161 mph.

Market availability

Low volumes of the vehicle will be available in 2019, while pre- orders will start at the end of June. The cars will be sold directly to customer via the company’s website.

Following Tesla’s footsteps, Fisker plans to release a mass market electric vehicle after Emotion, which will be priced at approximately $40,000. It has also designed a self-driving shuttle bus called Orbit that could be launched in the next few years.

Snezana Sokolovska

Snezana has extensive international background and business media experience. She is covering e-mobility, autonomous vehicles and smart technology at Electric Think.

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