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Genovation Extreme Electric joins Rimac in sports EVs

Genovation Extreme Electric (GXE) had its long awaited debut at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Designed by the engineering company from Rockville, Maryland, the GXE is a new sports electric vehicle, joining the ranks of Rimac Concept One.

Enhanced dual motor performance

During tests of the GXE prototype, based on a C6 Corvette Z06, the vehicle reached top speed of 209 mph and set a record speed for electric cars of 190.4 mph. The lightweight frame and American engineering of the Corvette, were the reasons for choosing C7 Corvette Grand Sport as the base for the actual production model.

Genovation used a similar concept like Tesla’s Dual Motor, as GXE is powered from two electric motors, reaching a peak of 800 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque. Both motors are placed at each end of the car, in order to obtain equal distribution, while powering a shared shaft.

The electric motors are powered by five battery packs with a capacity of 61.6 kWh, sufficing for a range of moderate driving for 175 miles. Topping the prototype speed, GXE would be able to potentially accelerate from 0-60 in slightly less than 3 minutes. According to the C7 Corvette Grand Sport frame, GXE could reach more than 220 mph.

Unique design

GXE has unique visual features and a paint job of 15 applications of Bespoke Tricoat paint. The front has new bumpers, while the back end was upgraded with round taillights. The sports EV  has a leather interior that resembles a Tesla.

Automatic transmission and carbon fiber wheels are standard features of the EV. GXE also has a special 7-speed manual transmission.

Limited early stage scale

Similarly like Rimac and other EV manufacturers in the early stages, Genovation plans to produce a limited quantity of only 75 GXEs. They will be selling for $750,000 each, which is slightly less expensive than the Rimac Concept One price of more than $1m.

First orders of the limited GXE quantities will be delivered in 2019. Going forward, Genovation plans to scale production with a more affordable sports car called G2, financed with the raised funds.

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