One of the world’s most prominent luxury car makers, Jaguar, will unveil its first electric vehicle at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show in March. The company stated that the production version of the I-Pace will be released on 1 March, while the car will be showcased at the Geneva show and UK’s showrooms, later in July.

Pre-release battery tests

Before releasing the vehicle to the general public, Jaguar already started testing the batteries efficiency in Sweden, at low temperatures of up to -40, which typically decrease the driving range. The maximum range at a fully charged battery is 310 miles.

Its batteries can be recharged with both 50 kW and 100 kW chargers. A 50 kW direct current public rapid charging point can charge up to 80% of the battery in 90 minutes and 100% in more than 2 hours. A 100 kW charger could charge 80% of the capacity in 45 minutes.

Electric and traditional design

After showing up in UK’s stores later this year, the I-Pace will become the first premium electric SUV, preceding Audi’s E-Tron. Even though Tesla’s Model X is technically the first electric SUV, Jaguar and Audi will develop more traditional SUV models.

The I-Pace is anticipated as the first electric vehicle that will create a spacious, sporty and usable performance. The four-door body of the I-Pace will also include an electric powertrain, generous cabin space and four-wheel drive capability. The design will resemble an F-pace, while the performance will be similar to an F-Type R.

As the most radical of Jaguar’s vehicles, the I-Pace is expected to start selling at approximately¬†¬£60,000. The price will exceed that of an F-Pace, with similar specifications, by about 10-15%.



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