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KIA unveils Niro EV at CES 2018


KIA Motors fans had an exclusive opportunity to see the latest Niro EV model at CES 2018. The new Niro EV model revealed during a presentation of the company’s future mobility vision, will be an electric battery overhaul of the current hybrid model. It will also be the first of KIA’s new electric vehicles series to hit the road in 2025.

Future mobility strategy and vision

KIA Motors has entered a new era of innovation, by designing technologies of the future that are readily becoming every day reality. The company is focusing on the customers and the environments in which they live.

KIA has always sought opportunities in the face of challenges and changes in the market

Convinced that various new technologies, with a diverse range of lifestyle in increasingly complex and urban environments, will exist in the future, KIA wants to provide everyone the opportunity to enjoy mobility. Striving to become an ace of future mobility, KIA will be providing a variety of efficient and sustainable options to its customers.

The company’s exploration with eco-friendly technologies has resulted in an expanded line of three hybrids, two plug-in hybrids and one battery electric vehicle in the global market. KIA’s dedicated eco-friendly Niro hybrid model has already become an icon of sustainable mobility, receiving recognition from US customers as the most reliable vehicle, as well as best residual value in 2018.

The new electric Niro model will be a fully autonomous ready vehicle with a 238 miles range. It could achieve more than double the range of current EVs on a single charge, while it would need 30 minutes to charge a range of more than 115 miles.

2025 vision

Going forward, KIA will expand the range of eco-friendly vehicles by 2025, manufacturing 16 advanced powertrain models in total. The company plans to produce 5 new hybrids, 5 new battery EVs and a new fuel cell EV. Accompanied by its sister company, it aims to be among the top 3 EV makers in the world.

“KIA has always sought opportunities in the face of challenges and changes in the market”, which has placed it among the world’s fastest growing auto brands.

Excited to be taking the new leap forward, KIA’s future dream will be possible through cooperation with multiple stakeholders from different industries, showing customers the power to surprise.

Intelligent vehicle road map

KIA’s future mobility vision builds on existing boundaries and constraints with traditional cars, such as drivers’ capability, amount of time used, perception of and engagement with cars. The goal of the new technology will be to reduce boundaries, lower risk of accidents and mental load on the drivers, by providing mobility options to all customers.

The company will upgrade its current features, such as the forward collision avoidance assistant that automatically applies a break after detecting a potential collision. The new models will include a highway driving assist technology that will keep the car in the determined lane while driving. Already applied to the flagship models, this enhancement will reduce the burden of long journeys, making them safer and more enjoyable. A blind spot view monitor will show approaching nearby vehicles, while driver attention warning monitors will be used to assists the drivers.

KIA will combine AI, connectivity and virtual simulation to provide an optimum autonomous driving platform containing numerous scenarios. A large fleet of new autonomous vehicles will be released in 2019, followed by a smart city pilot in 2021. The successful implementation of these two projects will pave the way to future hyper connected mobility services introduced in 2025.

Eventually, KIA will aim to make every model a connected car by 2030, enabling all of its customers to enjoy all benefits of connectivity, as vehicles break new grounds in customer service through strengthening software platforms.

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