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Rimac will reveal the new Concept Two at the Geneva Motor Show

Snezana Sokolovska January 25, 2018

Rimac will unveil its second all-electric sports car, Concept Two, at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 on March 6th. Even though the exact specifications, design and pricing will be additionally revealed, there have already been some leaked details. Namely, the hypercar will come with a 120kWh battery pack, as a response to the company’s intention to improve the 210 mile range of the Concept One. The Concept Two will also feature Level 4 autonomy.

According to COO, Monika Mikac, the new model will be more comfortable and more expensive. It will be capable of even better performance than the first. The Concept Two will be a “true game-changer” and will feature blistering set of specs, as the first model. Other sources have speculated that it will compete with new new Tesla Roadster.

It will be a two-seater electric supercar, with a a refined sleek design, resembling Concept One. The new model will feature a narrower front nose taper and a spoiler at the back.

In comparison to Concept One, more versions of the Concept Two will be made with 100 models. The car is likely to cost more than €1 million.