Volvo V40 will be the company’s first electric car

Volvo Cars plans to reveal its first electric cars by 2019. The first all-electric versions of the V40 hatchback and XC40 crossover will be launched during the next few years. The new Volvo V40 hatchback will be released next year, while the electric version of the XC40 will be launched before 2020.

Several new V40 versions

Prior to proceeding with the release of the first electric engine, Volvo will introduce its new internal combustion engine (ICE) V40 hatchback, on the company’s new platform. Thus, V40 will come in several versions, including a diesel, gasoline and electricity powered, in both plug-in hybrid and fully electric guises.

Volvo’s new V40 model will be a mass-produced electric car, resembling the 40.2 hatchback concept, launched in 2016. The new V40 will contain Volvo’s  latest compact modular architecture (CMA) platform, hidden behind sheet metal. The CMA platform will be featured in the XC40 model, as well.

V40’s battery electric powertrain will provide a range of up to 310 miles, qualifying as a long range label, alongside Tesla’s Model 3.

The powertrain will be powered by the most expensive battery currently available. Volvo will also offer a smaller pack for entry-level cars, although the range is still ambiguous.

According to Volvo’s Head of Research and Development, Henrik Green, “each electric car, will have typically at least two different battery sizes on offer. The base variant will be more cost-efficient, but with a slightly limited range, and there will be a bigger option with a higher price, but more range and more power”.

Green believes that more customers will opt for the long range battery pack. “We are coming from a history of always driving around with tons of range from a petrol tank. As generations grow up only knowing electric vehicles, I believe they will settle around a convenient battery size, what they need for one day. But in the transition time, a lot of people used to having a long range will pay for having a long range on electric vehicles,”

Volvo’s sales of electric cars will focus on China initially.

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