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WAVE 2018 is bringing e-mobility to the Alps again

As Europe is awakening to the emerging electrification trends, numerous organisations like the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) are organising international events, attempting to promote e-mobility. WAVE is the world’s largest electric vehicles rally, gathering electric cars owners and fans, manufacturing companies and universities involved in mobility. The 8-day drive across the Swiss Alps follows a route that includes stops in approximately 50 cities, at city centres, schools or interesting companies.

The organisers are expecting more than 200 vehicles in the Green Future Tour race scheduled from June 8 to 16. The route will go through Switzerland, stretching on a total of 1,600 kilometres and 40 stages. On June 10, WAVE will make a stop at the Formula E in Zurich.

WAVE will also organise a race in Austria for the first time in its history. Austria will host the WAVE race from September 21 to 29, at a route going through the Alps.

The goal of the race is to bring electric vehicles closer to people and raise awareness about the benefits of their use. Last year’s WAVE gathered 112 electric vehicles, including 10 electric motorcycles.

The race does not provide any prizes to its participants, who rather choose various quizzes and scavenger hunts.


Snezana Sokolovska

Snezana has extensive international background and business media experience. She is covering e-mobility, autonomous vehicles and smart technology at Electric Think.

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